Faith Hall
Positive Bar Cafe
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20705 N. Sunshine Road
Sonora, CA 95370
209- 396-1912

Online Menu
Faith Hall is a deli specializing in delicious sandwiches, soups, salads, smoothies, shakes, ice cream, fine coffee and teas. Menu highlights include:
Hot Bread
Avocado Smoothie
Breakfast Sandwich - take the Breakfast Sandwich Challenge
Chocolate Shake with a sprinkle of salt, whip cream, and a cherry on top!

Ice Cream Bar

Ice cream, the traditional chocolate, vanilla and strawberry in shakes also. Plus additional flavors like Cookies and Cream, Spumoni, and whatever else catches our fancy.

Mixed Fruit Smoothie with whip cream at the bar at Faith Hall.

Enjoy a Fruit Smoothie

Enjoy a fresh fruit smoothie at the Faith Hall Positive Bar Cafe. Delicious food, indoor or out when you need a pit stop near Yosemite.

The great breakfast sandwich debate.

Is our classic breakfast sandwich better on a crispy English Muffin or shown above on a seeded roll with ham as an optional add on. This sandwich is healthy and fresh, egg whites, cheese and ham.

Emotions and virtues

"It is a great day to be alive."
Jeff Kraskouskas
Author and Founder
"Humans keep losing freedoms, but gaining conveniences. At what point do we lose enough freedom it becomes inconvenient.
Jeff Kraskouskas
Author and Founder
“Do not take life serious, or it will take you."
Bee Goode