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Heart Sticks by Jeffrey Kraskouskas and Jeffrey Tsui Kraskouskas
The Tale of Legend Heart

Positive Bar wishes you a Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.

Get to know the real city

Go into the places only locals are familiar with. Visit little known hideouts and avenues that open the mind into what being a local is all about. Request a tour today, contact for rates and details.

Enjoy Nature

Life is full of simple truths. Positive Bar aligns with nature. When we see the beauty in nature, it grounds us and allows our spirit to flourish and bloom. Visit us regularly to see the newest photographs in our Nature Collection.

Positive Thoughts

Visit us regularly to receive positive thoughts and messages. Get on our mailing list to make it easier. Today, think of what you can be grateful for, in the darkest night, may the full moon shine bright and guide your way.

Emotions and virtues

"It is a great day to be alive."
Jeff Kraskouskas
Author and Founder
"Humans keep losing freedoms, but gaining conveniences. At what point do we lose enough freedom it becomes inconvenient.
Jeff Kraskouskas
Author and Founder
“Do not take life serious, or it will take you."
Bee Goode
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